Construction of Bridge at Section 3B Pozzorubio Interchange
(Sta. 77+400 [centerline]) of the TPLEX Project

Type of Work: New Bridge Construction

Owner: Private Infra Development Corp. (PIDC)

Date Started: March 2017

Target Date of Completion: July 2017



Construction of Water Conveyance Facility
of the Bulacan Bulk Water Supply Project

Type of Work: Pipelaying works of 65 km that provide 13 municipalities in the province of Bulacan with 388 million liters per day.

Owner: Luzon Clean Water Development Corporation

Date Started: February 08, 2017

Target Date of Completion: February 08, 2019



Construction of Section 3A-3 and 3B-1
(Sta. 75+000 to Sta. 77+660) of the TPLEX project

Type of Work: Construction of Expressway

Owner: Private Infra Development Corp. (PIDC)

Date Started: March 03, 2017

Target Date of Completion: August 30, 2017



Construction of Contract Package IV, Plaridel Bypass Road

Type of Work: Construction of Bypass Road of 7.74 km. With road length of 7.67 kms of new PCCP with thickness of 300mm (main bypass) and construction of two (2) single span PCDG bridges with total length of 67.72 m.

Owner: Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)

Date Started: May 17, 2016

Target Date of Completion: July 06, 2018



Ilagan – Divilacan Isabela Road Rehabilitation Improvement Project

Type of Work: Road Rehabilitation and Improvement Project of 81.004 Km. and Construction of Five (5) bridges.

Owner: Provincial Government of Isabela

Date Started: March 06, 2016

Target Date of Completion: March 06, 2021



TPLEX – Section 3A (Urdaneta to Pozzorubio Section)
Sta. 63+020.00 to Sta. 75+000.00

Type of Work: Construction of four (4) new lane road, interchange  and underpass structures.

Owner: Private Infra Development Corp. (PIDC)

Date Started: April 24, 2015

Target Date of Completion: July 07, 2017

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