Company Policy


       At   C. M. PANCHO CONSTRUCTION, INC., we have taken quality, health and safety and environmental management to greater heights by building our reputation on it.   With four decades of history, the Company today is breaking new ground as it continuously revitalizes its operations in sync with an evolving world.   We are living in a truly remarkable times and we are proud that in a constantly changing industry, our Company has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to adapt and meet these changes, through its dedication to adhere to our,

Quality,  Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Policy

C -     Commitment to job excellence in general engineering, mining and construction works to provide total customer satisfaction.  Has developed mastery in all phases of job and employs the best people in the industry. Our company is also committed to prevent pollution at all times in all courses of its operations.

M -    Moral obligation of the Company is to contribute to the socio- economic growth of the nation and shall establish, document, implement, maintain and continually improve Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management System in accordance with the standard.

P -    Purpose driven Company, where commitment to quality, health and safety and environment is acknowledged and implemented within the organization, top to bottom, parallel and sideways.  We are consistently recognized as one of the leaders in the industry.

C -    Continual improvement of technical advances in construction processes, re-engineering workflow systems and revitalizing our organizational structure

I -    Implement, maintain and monitor compliance to the applicable legal and other requirements pertaining to the construction industry.  Integrate quality, occupational health and safety and environmental management system into every facet of the business.


Ranked and respected  in the construction industry as an organization built on honesty and integrity,  we are proud to say, … at  C.M. PANCHO CONST., INC. ,     QUALITY, OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH  and  SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT  are above all else !

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