Construction of Super Diversion Canal (SDC)

Construction of Super Diversion Canal (SDC)

Project Title:  Construction of Super Diversion Canal (SDC) from Sta. 50+540 to Sta. 51+850, Laterals “U” and “V” and Sub-Laterals including  Related Structures and Supply Installation and Commissioning of Steel Gates Contract No.: CMPIPP2/NCB-C-S6 -3

This is another project under the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) implemented by CMPCI. The most notable challenge faced during construction was the unavailability of the workable areas due to ROW problems. Completing this project on time was a tough challenge as this project aimed in improving the water supply needed by the farmers within the beneficiary areas which will not only improve the lives of the farmers but will also help stabilize the food security of the country.


• The project involves the construction of Super Diversion Canal (SDC) of 1,310 meters. 

• Lateral Canal and Sub-lateral canal of 36,795 meter with a total of 38,105 meters. 

• These also includes related structures and Supply, Delivery, Installation and 

Commissioning of Steel gates. 

• Embankment is 414,425 cu.m. and structures are 234 units which includes various 


Location: Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija

Owner: National Irrigation Administration (NIA)

Date Started: June 09, 2015

Completion Date: December 08, 2016