Bulacan 15MWp Solar Photovoltaic Power Project

Bulacan 15MWp Solar Photovoltaic Power Project

First Solar Energy project ventured by CMPCI in support to the government’s goal of establishing other reliable and efficient sources of power to keep up with the ever-growing economy of the country.


• The project involves the land development of approximately 23 hectares of hilly and uneven terrain. 

• Installation of 58,000 PV Modules, and 14 x 900 kW SMA central inventers that produce an approximately 20 million kWh of clean energy annually 

• Construction of control building and high voltage substation that connected to MERALCO grid by a 69KV step-up transformer. 

Location: Bulacan

Owner: Bulacan Solar Energy Corp.

Date Started: September 10, 2015

Completion Date: March 06, 2016