About Us


We build to bring Progress!

To be recognized as one of the country’s most preferred brand for large, complex, challenging and flagship construction projects executed with high level of standards for quality, safety, environmental management. CMPCI is committed to bring to perfection and set a trend. Its adoption of value engineering works, innovative technology, well-balanced combination of manpower and equipment and global best practices, as its modern construction methodology. CMPCI will continually strengthen its portfolio in construction, real estate development, renewable energy, power, bulk water supply and other related industry.

CMPCI will constantly develop its organizational capabilities to inspire and motivate its people to grow with the company. To treat communities as partner, respecting their cultures, customs and values, taking into account their needs concerns and aspirations. To act with integrity, trust and respect in all aspects of its business process.


The 5Ms of the Company

Our operations are anchored at the 5Ms of the company: Management, Manpower Efficiency, Money and Finances, Methodology and Technology, and Machines and Equipment.


Our hardworking Board of Directors were finely trained by the late Engineer Cornelio M. Pancho, founder of C.M. Pancho Construction, Inc. We believe that the technical competency of our leaders plays a significant role to make our operations more efficient, especially in cascading technical support to site key personnel. CMPCI’s Good Governance and Integrity Compliance Program is adjudged by the prominent non-profit organization Makati Business Club as one of the very first ever developed in the country.

The company’s program is shortlisted in the Integrity Manuals which is robustly implemented across all levels of the organization in the Philippines and other Asian Countries. To identify new business opportunities, CMPCI’s Business Development Group including new markets, business partnerships, and finding new ways to tap existing markets.

Manpower Efficiency

Our People are crucial in our everyday operations.

C.M. Pancho stays true to its commitment to not only applying the industry’s best practices and standards, but also equipping its manpower with the latest technological advances to deliver an efficient, responsive, and flexible management system. We regularly send our people to seminars and trainings to boost their technical and management skills. As C.M. Pancho Construction, Inc., grows, so are the people behind it.

To help them run the business smoothly, automation and network computerization are the core of CMPCI’s culture. Almost all phases of the business from pre-qualification to recording integrated financial statements are with the company’s centralized system (others include post-qualification, project implementation, requisition of materials, purchasing and delivery, inventory management, payable, finances, cash management).


Money and Finances

At CMPCI, good financial management is tantamount to good governance. This is manifested by its proven track record on financial stability, allowing it to take on major projects without the usual bureaucracy involved in funding projects. Because of a long-established record of fair and prompt payment, it has a reliable credit line with all its suppliers, service providers, and banks. To assure a stable source of cash in case a project needs funding, the company maintains a large capital base.

CMPCI ensures its funds and company resources are appropriately used, providing assurance for accountability and efficiency in managing funds. All these gave the company a step ahead in terms of being time-bound with the completion of its projects.

Methodology and Technology

C.M. Pancho Construction, Inc. is also keen in keeping up with the industry’s global standard in information management. The company manages a centralized system that allows a streamlined work process, an almost paperless environment, implementation of cost control, planning and anticipation, and an integration of each development, allowing a willing and able support for the operation group to deliver the best outcome as possible.


Machines and Equipment

In a motor pool owned by CMPCI in Bulacan, the company stores and maintains its inventory of heavy equipment and spare parts. The Company’s well-trained mechanics are in-charge of the support and maintenance of the equipment to ensure high performance in every job. Here, the company’s undercarriage division uses hydraulic tools and undertaken engine overhaul, steel fabrication, painting, welding, electrical and other equipment maintenance work.

The company is not only up-to-date on technical developments in the industry, but also makes a constant effort to keep up with the latest introduction on new equipment and technology being introduced abroad. Some of C.M. Pancho Construction, Inc.’s recent acquisitions are the Mobile Concrete Batching Plant ELKON MOBILE MASTER – 135 Jaguar, with the capacity of 110m3/hr, which is a new generation concrete batching plant, the latest with European technology, with heavy duty design, less foundation cost, fully automatic robust control system, and the powerful 4500/3000 twinshaft mixer which can produce the new innovative Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC). The maintenance methodology of the company, being followed for years, has beyond doubt resulted to high efficiency, reduced downtimes, safety and preventive equipment deterioration.

Among which are:

1. Planned Maintenance – which includes preventive, productive shutdowns, and break downs.

2. Autonomous Maintenance – which includes opportunity maintenance, minor break down, daily check-ups, lubrications, inspections; etc.